Intuitive Miracle Session with the Angels

My readings are not fortune telling. And it’s because we have the free will to alter our destiny. (Thank GOD) However, the angels and Heaven always offer possibilities and guidance & when clients act on the guidance and trust the possibilities, I have seen miracles happen.

This session will help if you want to get:

  • Get Clarity, Direction and Divine Guidance
  • Find out what’s holding you back from stepping into your greatness
  • Get the right tools to overcome those roadblocks

It’s NOT for you if you: 

  • Want to connect with your deceased loved ones (I am not a medium)
  • Are looking for a fortune teller in a turban with a crystal ball
  • If you are put off by the words GOD and ANGELS

Book a reading

  • 45 minute reading: $150.00
  • 30 minute reading: $100.00
  • 15 minute reading:  $88.00

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