It’s 11:09am on a Thursday morning and I’m strapped to a bed and looking at the clock simultaneously, wondering when this will end? Then suddenly I started enjoying the experience.
Now don’t jump to conclusions, I was just at my chiropractor trying to get my back and neck adjusted correctly.
Anyway, going back to the actual reason I’m writing to you.
Normally, I sit in the waiting room with a morose look which conveys the following message- I’m in pain, please don’t start a conversation and I want to keep looking miserable.
(No idea why – I just have that look every time I’m there. I think mostly because it’s the same tedious steps twice a week:
Lie face down while the chiropractor does the adjustments and then I get strapped to a bed with my neck and back in the most awkward position for about 100 hours, just exaggerating, 13 minutes to be precise but it’s still torture.)
That’s when I heard her again. I had seen her downstairs in the waiting room. She was hilarious.
Even I could not help smiling at the things she was saying and she was not even talking to me, I was just eavesdropping on her conversation.
This time, she was laughing like a maniac in the other room. Then I heard my chiropractor laughing and he asks his assistant to come in and she starts laughing too.
Has it ever happened to you: you hear someone laugh and you start laughing too? Now that was me, I was laughing too, the only difference was I had no clue why there was so much giggling but I was really enjoying this unique experience whilst getting tortured.
And then, I heard her saying bye. I was desperate so I pressed the buzzer and asked the assistant how much longer and she said another couple minutes.
I wondered if I should scream out to the funny lady and say,
“Stop! I need to ask you a question!” but the fear of maybe looking like a psycho stopped me.
Anyway, as luck would have it, the timer goes off just as I was rethinking my decision to stay quiet.
I leapt out of the bed and ran down the stairs and caught her just in time. I introduced myself and confessed to eavesdropping and laughing at an unknown joke and then went on to ask her,
“What is the secret to your happiness? Why are you so happy?”
And she said,
“Jesus ”
We both smiled, mine one of awe, and her’s more to the theme of,
‘Hmmm this is so weird but I don’t want to offend this woman incase she is an axe- murderer, so let me play it cool.’
 And then she walked away, while I stood there thinking,
“Wow, that’s pretty amazing…”
 I also wanted to kick myself for not having taken her contact details. I wanted to know her story and who knows? Maybe, I will one day.
Anyway a couple weeks later, I’m hanging out with my 8-year-old goddaughter Izra and I noticed that she was really confident ( you know when you look at someone and you know they really like who they are but not in a self obsessed way, that was her ) and asked her,
“Hey Iz, how come you’re so confident, what’s your secret?”
 And she said,
This time I knew not to miss the opportunity and was ready to take notes. I knew this was no coincidence.
Me: “What do you mean Jesus?
 How did he help you?”
And this is how the conversation went:
“I wanted to win the class trophy but I didn’t believe in myself because I had not got it before.”
So I prayed to Jesus and said,
“Please help me Jesus to be right so I can get the trophy.”
And then I heard Jesus say:
”Raise you hand Izra, don’t worry about the right or wrong answer. “
The other kids could not see him because they didn’t believe in him but he was right next to me and made me raise my hand.”
He said
“You can do it Izra.”
I thanked Izra for this amazing information and thought maybe I should share the story with you
but today I totally understand why this actually came up.
Why am I sharing this with you?
I have 2 reasons:
1. I’m in the process of launching a new website and had no intentions of sharing it with you in this email because I was waiting for the right moment.
But sometimes, it’s not about waiting for everything to be perfect.
It’s about believing in God and your dreams and having the courage to do what seems scary.
So here it is, I‘m excited & nervous (but in a good way) to share my website & my new program ‘Breaking Free’ with you.
2. Maybe you’re scared of going to the next level in your life
   Wondering if your dreams could ever come true
Whatever maybe your problem, just remember:
“You can do it.” and, more importantly, take action.
Just like Izra, she believed the words and raised her hand, even though she was not sure of the answer.
Faith with action, especially when it seems scary , can get you not only the trophy  but also happiness.
As always, I love writing to you and am so grateful that you take the time to read my newsletter.
Here is a link to my website, in case you missed it.
I’m still working on adding a few changes to my website but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I would love to get your feedback, do let me know what you think.