Have I ever told you that there is a very tall tree outside my house that’s almost as tall as my house? We didn’t plant it, and I have no idea who did, but it’s a beautiful tree.
Spring reminds me of new beginnings and trees and talking about this tree, in particular, made me think about this story I heard a couple years ago on Easter Sunday.
I remember ringing my dad after church and telling him the story. We both cried.
I just realised that almost every newsletter mentions my dad. It’s not intentional but it’s just that I miss him a lot. I used to tell him everything about my business & ideas and now, I can’t do it as much, so it’s my way of trying to include him, I think.
In case, you wanted to read the full story, I have added a link below at the end of the newsletter.
The story made me think of the plans we make in life and our reaction when things don’t always go according to our plans.
But what’s beautiful is we get to choose our reaction when things don’t go as planned. Just like these 3 people below:
3 people were asked this question:
Are’nt you scared of falling? 
A.3 year old gymnast Emma –
“ No, cuz I will just get back up!!
B. Fearful Flora –
“Yes I’m petrified but I don’t take any action that way, I can’t fall or fail .”
C. Delusional Dolly –
“You know what, I would get up but these morons keep me trapped!”
(Delusional dolly migrated to The Amazon 25 years ago and has been living in isolation since then.)
Only one answer from the above 3 will help you have a great life, can you guess which one it is?
Yes, well done you!!!  I always knew you were a smart cookie. You’re right, it’s Answer A! Maybe you can remember 3 year old Emma the next time things don’t go according to your plans.
A suggestion: do watch her on Ellen – you’ll never forget her!!!
And since this newsletter started with a tree, I thought I must end it with this beautiful quote I heard a few months ago.
“A society grows great when men plant trees under whose shade they may never sit.”
Did you like this email, tell me why? And, I would love to know what you do when things don’t go as planned.
​​​​​​​Watch 3-YEAR-OLD Emma on Ellen- https://youtu.be/mAxvK2aGtQU
Important: Please keep an eye out for my next email , its important and could change your life.
ps: Fearful Flora and Delusional Dolly are purely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons is purely co-incidental.