Guess what, . It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure which one you are because what I’m about to share with you is a must read for both sinners and saints.
I kept wondering what I should share with you and I kept getting this message chapter 9 from my book “From Spirit”. Even though I’ve been getting direct guidance from Jesus for over 12 years, I still make the mistake of trying to do it my way and I almost didn’t share this with you because I was scared of being judged and rejected by you.
After a week of being stuck in my ego, I re-read Chapter 9, I got over myself and I decided to focus on you and the mission to serve. So below is chapter 9 from my book especially for you,
I hope this chapter gives you some insight into why you resist your destiny and, more importantly, you are able to move past the resistance and stop hiding.
PS: , remember you’re here to make a big difference in the world. It’s time to start walking towards your destiny and stop hiding.
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Try to live each day with passion & joy because you deserve that.
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