I’ve had this story come up so many times in the last month during my sessions with clients that I knew I had to share it with you.
This one is about Lakshmi and Saraswati; no they’re not my friends from India but actually Hindu goddesses.
Lakshmi – The goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity
Saraswati – The goddess of knowledge, arts, music, wisdom & learning
So the story goes like this, most people, when they want money, they start chasing Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and fortune, hoping she will bless them with more wealth and success.
 But what most people don’t know is that Lakshmi apparently is a very temperamental goddess and the more you chase her, the more she evades you.
Goddess Saraswati on the other hand, is always excited to indulge her fans.
Now, Lakshmi is also known to be a jealous Goddess, so when you give Goddess Sarawasti all the attention, Lakshmi will start chasing you because she obviously doesn’t want to be left out.
Hmm, ok thanks nice story, but how does this apply to my life?
Let me give you an example and maybe you could try this:
Say you have a goal for your business or career:
You want to make a lot of money so you can have a great life & do good in the world.
That’s a great goal but if you’re stuck, then maybe it’s because:
Your action plan – may involve brainstorming and working towards the below
How can I make the money?
How can I generate more revenue and profit for my business?
How can I get the investors for my business?
What else do I DO to bring in the big bucks and the recognition?
 In other words, you’re chasing Lakshmi.
  1. But what if you tried changing your strategy
What if:
You decided to put all your energy and thinking into becoming the
  • The BEST in your field
  • The OPRAH of your industry (You know a global brand, a visionary, a leader, a pioneer, generous and loved… I could go on forever… but you get the idea)
  • Where excellence was the ONLY standard you aspired towards
And then you did some more work  
1.You learnt what you needed to learn
2.  You applied the knowledge
3.And did your work with so much creativity, love, passion and brilliance that people could not take their eyes off you.
In other words, gave Saraswati your undivided attention.
Now you know what’s going to happen next. According to myth, a certain Goddess L (yes, Lakshmi) will be banging on your door.
I hope this was helpful and maybe, you could try this strategy the next time you set a goal for your business / career.
Lastly, I’m so grateful that you take the time out to read my newsletters and I never take that for granted. Live with passion.