Wednesday 16th of May 2018
11:20pm –
The house is quiet.
My husband and daughter are fast asleep.
I’m sitting on the couch with an open laptop, staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to strike so I can write this newsletter.
11:25pm –
I’m hungry.
11:30pm –
I have just devoured a pack of Cheetos & 2 snicker bars.
I should have eaten a couple of apples instead but what’s done is done.
I try to get back to writing but again, I’m distracted. Now I feel the urge to shop for wall decor for my dining room.
I trust that this may be a part of the inspiration and decide to surf the net, instead of staying focused.
There are over 200 pages of wall decor on this site so I decide to look at each one and nothing sparks joy.

Anyway, coming back to the point.
After over 20 minutes of surfing, I decide to leave the website and focus on writing to you and then, out of nowhere, I think of the advice my dad used to give me.
“Most people quit just before the miracle happens.”
So I take it as a sign and decide,
“Maybe one more page.”
That’s when I saw this amazing quote.
I didn’t buy it but it was time well spent.
Why did I share it with you,  ?
1. It’s a great quote to remind you that you get a choice every day to simply exist or to truly live.
2. In business and life, sometimes it’s easier to quit when things get tedious or tough.
But don’t quit when you feel like quitting. You might be one page, one corner, one day, one hour or even a single minute away from the miracle.
Take a screen shot or print out the quote so it serves as a daily reminder to use your day well.
As always, I’m so grateful for you and your time.
Stay happy, blessed and never stop believing in your dreams, .