So , a few days ago, I shared some audio content I had created with the first 2 people in front of me. Actually I woke them up from their sleep to share it.
10 minutes later, I’m crying alone & talking to God.
Those two morons ( I’m referring to the two people I live with) are so mean.
I feel like an idiot now – they always make fun of me and are so freaking patronising!!
Why couldn’t they just sing my praises instead?
God, please can you make me like Oprah?
Oprah is so amazing and people love listening to her even if they are woken up from their sleep.
Can you do that for me, God?
After all, nothing is impossible for you. That way these guys can eat their words & I can then have the last laugh too.
This is what God said – it was tough but said in such a loving, wise and non judgemental way like only God can.
His words:
Grow up Indu. Get over yourself.
Be enthusiastic like a child but don’t be childish.
Next time, don’t share till you have given it your 200%.
I asked him –  Why?
And this is what GOD said:
Let me put it like this.
Imagine you are Michelangelo working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
And you called your loved ones on the first day and said,
“Guys look at that spot I just painted on the ceiling – What do you think?”
And then you got upset because they did not gush over the patch you spent the last 2 hours on.
4 lessons I learnt from this conversation with God:
1. Nobody can see your vision in the beginning except God & you – don’t let other people’s lack of excitement dim your vision. 
I’m sure even Michelangelo did not get the nod of approval from everyone, so don’t beat yourself up.
Some love the Sistine Chapel and could stare at it for hours.
Some may think what a nut job to lie on his back and paint for 4 and 1/2 years.
Others may think the Sistine Chapel is topping my bucket list.
And some others may find it too ostentatious.
See – you can’t please everyone.
2. Focus on excellence  & hold back the urge to share every minute detail.
3. Turn up everyday and keep working on that vision till it’s completed, even if you don’t want to do it. Just like Michelangelo did.
4. God compared me to Michelangelo and my work to the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
The message below was not for me alone but also for you.
God sees you,, as Michelangelo and your work & life as the Sistine Chapel.
He not only believes in you but also has put the dream in you.
So when others are not excited as they should be remember, God & his team are already rooting for you. Your job is to turn up and give it your all and believe in the dream God has put in your heart.
Hope these 4 lessons help you when things or people get in the way of your dreams.
If you’re thinking,
“I wish I knew what I am supposed to do in the world?”
“What is that dream God wants me to work on?”
“How can I stop being such a people pleaser?”
“I wish I had the courage to…”
Don’t worry, that’s my forte and I would love to help you. Check out my Breaking Free session.

Breaking Free

As always, I am so grateful for you and your time. Keep dreaming and working on those dreams. Because you’re worth it.