I was thinking of physics class and the only two things I remember, actually I don’t even think I was taught this in class, are:

1. Albert Einstein’s famous THEORY OF RELATIVITY E = mc 2


2. The physicist Archimedes who ran naked screaming, ‘Eureka! Eureka!’

Why am I talking about physics? Because I was missing my dad and as I was thinking of him it made me think of Einstein.

Yes, there is a weird connection, my dad is not related to Einstein, but

1. He has a striking resemblance to Einstein especially when my dad wakes up from his sleep and has not combed his hair and his hair is standing up. He could pass off as Einstein’s brother or maybe a very close relative.

2. My dad always told us this story and it’s one of my favourites and when I am at a dinner party & I want to impress someone I tend to sometimes narrate the story. (Do you ever have stories you tell so people think,” wow that’s so cool you know things like that.”)

So here’s the story

There was a little boy and his dad asks his teacher what would be the best choice of career for my son? The teacher shrugs his shoulders and says,

“Oh him , it does not matter – he can choose whatever he wants because he will fail at it anyway.”

Every time I heard the story or told the story, I would have a judgemental smirk on my face whilst simultaneously thinking the teacher was such a fool, and then feel immense pride as I revealed the end as if I was talking about myself.

And do you know who this little boy was? It was The one & only, The great Albert Einstein.

I am sitting in my living room. It’s 2am and I am in my red and black kimono, which I bought 4 years ago for no particular reason,anyway this year, I have decided to either use the things I own or give it away to someone who will.

I have been staring at the screen and wondering what was the point of sharing this with you and now I want to scream, “Eureka! Eureka!”

I just had one of those OMG moments – What if the teacher was right about Einstein?

Maybe Einstein was not very smart to begin with BUT maybe Einstein had some divine intervention & realised that he did not have to stay stupid all his life; he could choose a better path.
So he chose to become a great success instead of being a loser.

Now I love this story because it gets me excited that we can change if we want to.

YOU are not limited or restricted by your past or other people’s perception of you
We can change if we want to be better.

I have been asking these questions and have got some pretty amazing answers. I hope you ask yourself the same questions and I would love to know your answers if you wanted to share them with me :
Who would I like to become in 2016?
GOD, Who would you like me to become in 2016?
I do hope you contemplate this question and I really hope you remember that, like Einstein, you do not have to be limited by your past or other people’s perception of you.
And I want to end with this really inspiring story I recently came across. Apply the wisdom in the story and you will have a VERY HAPPY YEAR / LIFE – GUARANTEED.

This is a story of a 92-year-old lady. One morning, she was perfectly dressed, hair beautifully done, although she was legally blind, preparing to move into a nursing home. Her husband had just passed away, making her move necessary.

After a 2-hour wait in the lobby of the nursing home, an aide came to take her to her room. As they were walking towards the elevator, the aide began describing her tiny room to her in detail.

“I love it!” she said, with the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old who had just got herself a puppy.

“But Mrs Jones,” the aide said, “you haven’t seen your room yet. Just wait.”

Mrs Jones replied, “That doesn’t have anything to do with it. Happiness is something you decide ahead of time.”

I wish you a phenomenal 2016 & HAPPINESS always.

Have a great weekend, you deserve it:)
Indu x