I wanted to start the new year laughing till my stomach hurt so bad that I would have to hold it and beg my body to stop laughing.
 I knew how to achieve the above result through 2 words: David Sedaris.
New Year’s eve – 6:10pm 
I’m at the bookstore looking for David Sedaris’s new book. There are people sitting at tables reading. Not many but enough to give me hope that physical books are still in demand.
This is the first time I am at the Waterstones bookstore on Tottenham Court Road and I think it’s become my favourite store.
Was it the friendly staff who were not trying to kick me out of the store because they were closing in 10 minutes & its New Year’s Eve and they may have a party to get ready for or other plans that didn’t involve a book-crazed, middle-aged woman?
Or was it the fact that they had actually put thought into this store, in case people just want to hang out and read books – that they had lovely tables & comfortable chairs?
Yes, a lot of book stores have tables and chairs but this one felt different. The people who worked there looked happy and kind.
The staff who was helping me told me the book was sold out and then went on to share information that I didn’t ask for but absolutely loved.
He said,
“David Sedaris was here a few months ago for his book signing. It was a remarkable evening.
David is a really funny guy – very cool.”
He told me what David was wearing and how he made everyone laugh, reflect and also almost pee in their pants.
We spoke about David like he was our oldest and dearest friend.
He made it sound like so much fun. I secretly wished I had a time capsule that could take me back to the evening so I could laugh, reflect and almost pee in my pants too.
I walked out of the store happier than I walked in –  with a valuable lesson, knowing that I will be definitely revisiting this bookstore when I am book shopping even though buying online is cheaper and easier.
I learnt 3 valuable lessons and I think they may help you too, in your business and career.
You are the face of your business or workplace.
The only interaction people may have is with you and it doesn’t really take much to make a good impression.
1. Be genuine and help people even if it’s not convenient. Why? Because it’s a nice thing to do.
2.Give more than what is expected. (I walked away knowing David Sedaris was as funny as his books thanks to the lovely young man who worked at Waterstones. If not for him, a part of me would have always wondered.)
3.Treat people like people and not a number on your balance sheet.
No one wants to work with people who are looking at them as just another number, another statistic. Treat people like you would like to be treated.
I am beginning to realise that kindness is the secret ingredient to success in life and business.
Check out his books if you haven’t already. I guarantee you will love him too.
I would start with “Me talk pretty one day”.
As always, I’m so grateful for you and your time.