Benjamin Franklin said “Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.”
I believe there is one other certainty that we can’t escape in life – PAIN.
But we can choose how to deal with the pain.
The wise masters say:
It’s not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you.
I had heard the above many times & nodded my head in approval each time I heard it.
But when it came to applying the wisdom, I was not exactly passing in flying colours, until one day I heard what I’m about to share with you.
I would like to believe it was divine intervention.
Every once in a way, something you hear just touches you in a way that you can’t explain but you know you finally got it.
This was one of those things for me and I hope it impacts you in the same way.
So here you go
Imagine this,  :
It’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re in a great mood just walking through a forest, minding your own business when suddenly, out of nowhere, a snake comes and bites you.
You have 2 options 
Option 1 –  You can chase after the snake and not let the bastard get away. But even if you do manage to get even with the snake, you die eventually because the venom has spread through your body.
Option 2 – you turn to GOD & ask God to deal with the snake & you go looking for the greatest healer who can get rid of the venom.
Which option would you choose ?
Now  , I know you would choose option 2 (because you’re a smart person) but there are some others who are not as smart as you. ( like me & maybe 90% of the world)
 If you’re a reactor (Warning: May not be a real word) like me,
( my definition of reactor) you don’t go looking for fights. In fact you’re a peace lover but when people push the wrong buttons, you go crazy and some may even swear they could see horns on your head.
When we are hurt by people, we get ? & petty and stay hurt till eventually we end up living & dying with regret and hurt.
So why I am sharing this with you:
This really helped me and even better it works!!!  And more importantly, I want you to be happy and have a great life.
This advice, if applied, will help you forgive people when they hurt you & start attracting  the miracles & peace you are seeking.
So the next time someone hurts you or pushes all the wrong buttons, try this.

Say –
God, you deal with that snake.
&you turn to Jesus  – the ultimate healer to help heal your pain.
You do not have to be a Christian or religious to seek Jesus. He loves you regardless of your colour, race, religion or personality. I know this because I have experienced him.
You matter to him and you’re here to make a difference.
I hope you remember this the next time you are hurt or angry.
Chase the healer and let God deal with the snakes.
Like Deepak Chopra  says:
You can either have a grievance or a miracle. You cannot have both.
Choose the miracle,
  . You totally deserve it. ?
Thank you for your time and as always so grateful for you.
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