I felt guided to write to you today and tell you that going for your dreams, as wonderful as it seems, can be scary & sometimes very overwhelming, especially when you make the decision to go for it.
As you pursue your dreams and things don’t always work in your favour, you must remember these 3 things:
1.The dream has been put in you by God, not to punish you but to remind you that you, , can make it happen.
2.  There are no accidents. Everything is exactly like it’s meant to be so it’s time to get rid of worry and remember that your time will come.
3. You may be looking at other people and thinking,
“They seem to be doing so much better and I am not even sure what I am doing.”
The next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others, please stop looking at others and, instead, look at yourself and ask,
“Am I doing better than I did yesterday? And am I including God in making my dreams a reality?”
If your answer is yes to both – then you’re on the right track.
If your answer is no, don’t worry – it’s not too late. You can start now and make sure you include God in all your plans.
Your dreams will come to pass, . That is the message I needed to give you today.
As always, I am very grateful for you and your time.
Live each day with faith and passion & never stop dreaming 🙂