I was a terror in 2008.
I would walk around my daughter’s kindergarten glaring at little kids if I thought they were mean to my little girl.
My husband would nudge me to stop but I was a woman on a mission, searching the school ground for the bullies and then having a face off till they ran away, petrified.
I was scared of myself at times.
Even worse, I was so proud of my mission to stop these bullies. I don’t think it worked. It just made them hide and then come back when I left the school grounds.
Deep down, I was not proud of my actions but it was just a natural maternal instinct (at least that was my excuse for my crazy behaviour) Thank God, now that I know better, I try to do better.
It was a Friday evening in 2008  and I was with my 5 year old daughter.
We were parked in a petrol station, waiting for my husband who had gone in to pay for the fuel and we were talking about the person who was responsible for my blood pressure levels going up/my daughter’s “friend”who recently had also turned into a mean bully, targeting other sensitive kids in school and my daughter was her pet peeve.
I was sitting in the car fuming, that little kid had gone too far this time – she was really the devil in disguise with the kind of mean things she had told my little girl.
I was so mad that it was a Friday evening. I wanted it to be 8am on Monday morning, so I could arrive at school early and wait for the bully. I did not know what my plan was exactly but I would figure out a plan to teach the bully a lesson. I knew it  would begin with a face-off as I had become really good at glaring at mean kids.
Do you do that too? Maybe not have face-offs with mean 5-year-old kids but do you respond with anger, hate and judgement when people hurt you or your loved ones?
If yes, what I’m about to share will help you.
My daughter did something that made that day unforgettable and maybe saved me from turning into the devil myself.
 While I was gritting my teeth and thinking out aloud how much I hated that mean bully and how I needed to teach her a lesson she would never forget, I remember my daughter taking my face in her tiny hands and saying,
“Mamma, listen to me, forgive her , she doesn’t know what she is doing.
I have already forgiven her now you need to.”
 Then you will be happy again.
I was stunned, shocked and proud and secretly wondered:
 “Wow, did I teach her this?”
“Did she learn it at school?”  Then how come the mean brat didn’t get the memo?
So I asked her how she knew this, she said,
“I was sitting alone in class during lunch because I was very sad and my heart was broken.
Then I saw Jesus, he came and sat next to me – he told me that if I said these words I would be happy again and my heart would be good.
“Forgive her, for she does not know what she is doing”, he said and I did & I was happy again.”
I felt a sense of hope, comfort and peace wash over me as  I watched her. I knew she was saying the truth. She looked happy, at peace and her heart seemed to be doing just fine.
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because I want you to be happy and at peace, you deserve it.
 1)  When people hurt you or me. We always get a choice – to choose between 2 roads we want to take and the choice we make. That, my friend, will make all the difference in your life.
Road 1 
The road most travelled  – I am not sure about you, but I have been guilty of taking this road a lot in the past.
On this road, when someone hurts us, we react and respond with hatred, judgement anger and become as mean & resentful as the person/people doing us wrong.
Warning: You won’t  have any peace or happiness here.
This road is an ego driven road and it’s really not worth pursuing.
The road less travelled  – this one is the one I want to own one day.
On this road, you choose to be kind, instead of hating and judging. You turn to God and you choose to forgive, the same way my daughter did.
It comes with a guarantee – you will always be happy when you choose kindness & forgiveness over hate.
I hope this was helpful and more importantly I hope you remember that there is a better way to live our lives and you  deserve a great life.
As always, I love writing to you and I’m so grateful for your time and your love and support.
Keep walking towards greatness.
Your dream coach
A believer in GOD and infinite possibilities