I saw him first when I was 16. He was lanky and very tall. I used to accompany my mom everyday to a telephone booth where she used to ring her brother and I would sit on the steps outside.
He was standing near the gate and we looked at each other.
I remember coming back home and calling my best friend Niki.
“I saw this really tall guy and he looked at me too. I think we’re going to be friends.” I said.
From then on, I saw him  everyday when we arrived at the booth. I assumed he lived there. But we never spoke.
Two weeks later, I saw him outside my house this time. He walked up to me and asked me if I had a name.
Soon, we became friends. We would go for walks and talk about our lives, books, music, our dreams and things I can’t even remember anymore.
He would tell me about his family back in Calcutta and I would tell him about my dream of
helping people live a life that matters.
He noticed things in me that others didn’t – like how one eyebrow would go up when I was amused or confused.
He would say things which made me feel better and value myself.
He asked me if I loved Billy Joel, when I told him I didn’t know who Billy Joel was – he looked at me like I had told him I hadn’t showered for 10 months.
But he was always kind to me.
I lost touch with him a few years later and life went on. But, for some reason, I thought of him today. I don’t know where he lives and I may never see him again but I will always remember him.
Why I am sharing this with you:
2 reasons –
1. I loved the subject title “Quarter of a century ago” & wanted to use it and this was the first memory that came up.
2. In life, we may not remember every single conversation or memory but we will always remember how someone made us feel.
Always be kind to people.
So that years from now, when someone looks back at their life, they may think of you irrespective of whether you’re a part of their life or not and think,
“Wow, I remember  and I was lucky to have known this amazing person.”
And as always, I’m super grateful for you and you’re truly a blessing in my life.