Your kids are a reflection of you. At least that’s what they say. Well they obviously haven’t met my daughter seeing as she is very different from me. Is that good or bad? Well I’d like to quote the great Shakespeare who said – “Nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so.”
When my daughter was little I used to take her for her yearly injections. She was very young but old enough to like lollipops and appreciate colourful stickers, which spoke about a great virtue she possessed.
I remember the last time my dad had accompanied me to the doctors’ clinic.
 I was holding onto his arm, crying loudly and begging him to stop the nurse as she got ready with the syringe to give me a tetanus shot, much to her amusement.
 She had never seen a 22-year-old woman behave like this before over a tetanus shot.
The drive back was very sombre – my dad looked like he needed an injection to get over this trauma and I secretly wished my dad would suffer from short term memory loss so we could forget about this whole thing more for his sake than mine.
Unlike me, my daughter embraced injection days even as a toddler. No crying meant lollipops from the nurse and a big sticker with a smiley face and big words in bold that said, ‘I was brave today!!!’.
I always enjoyed the walk back home – she had an aura about her that was contagious.
The spring in her step, the smile on her face and the tall shoulders all suggested one thing that she had done it again!! I am not sure she knew what brave meant but she knew that she had done something that was worth a reward.
I was thinking about my tetanus shot incident recently and I wondered if that day. Did I really show courage or was I was a wimp?
I googled the definition of courage and it said Courage is defined as strength in the face of pain or grief.
But I think courage could also mean being true to yourself and not be afraid to show how you feel even at the risk of looking like a fool.
I’ve also been thinking instead of waiting for stickers (titles, accolades and praise that make us feel special) from others. Why can’t we give it to ourselves?
So I popped into the doctor’s clinic earlier to find out where they bought these stickers and decided to buy myself a few.
Courage is such a great virtue and for some reason we think only a few possess it but we all have that virtue in us waiting its turn.
My dream for you is:
You have the courage to go after your dream
To be true to yourself and kind to your soul even when it seems scary
To stand tall even after a bad clumsy painful fall
And one day look back and say , I lived the life I’ve always wanted to live.
Inspiring people to be courageous & live a full life has become my mission.
if you are interested check out my breaking free page – here is the link.
I heard this many years ago in a movie and it stuck with me and today I felt called to share it with you.
When you pray for courage, God does not give you courage. He gives you an opportunity to be courageous.
As always , thank you for your time and live with passion.
Your Dream Coach