Every week Monday – Friday, I do the same thing every morning. It’s almost robotic.
6:00am – Stumble out of bed to wake up my daughter
6:02am -Get back into bed and put alarm on snooze
6:12am – Scream out her name and then fall asleep
6:20am – Scream even louder and then fall asleep again
6:30am – Scream so loud that even the neighbour wakes up. ( How do I know that? Well, i am intuitive remember i just know some things)
6:40am – Stumble out of bed again and ask daughter if she wants to stay at home ( which means I can go back to bed for another hour ) but, luckily for her, she cares about her school more than her mother’s sleep.
7:15am – I am driving my daughter to school.
Every day, at some point, I end up looking at the rear view mirror and I always feel
weird – my stomach starts churning and I feel super anxious and I remind
myself to look ahead and not behind.
Then, I go to the next thought.
‘Hmmm, this is good example for life and business.’

In life – Looking ahead & minding my business is so much better than worrying or focusing on the past & how others are behaving.
In Business – I work best when I am doing it my way and not worrying about how I should be doing something or what others are doing. I never pay attention to what others are doing in my industry  . Is that the best way? Not sure, but it works beautifully for me.

Why am I sharing this with you?
Because I thought it may be helpful to you.
You may be in business and are trying to do what everyone says you should be doing but hating it.
You think you have to behave a certain way to be liked or appreciated by some people & maybe it’s making you miserable.
No matter what you do, start paying attention to the signs and if something makes you uncomfortable, maybe pose the question: What is the lesson here for me? 
And then, do what makes you happy and excited.
I think we get signs everyday and paying attention to those little signs will help you live a happier and fulfilling life.
As always, I love writing to you and thank you for your time. I’m so grateful.
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Your dream coach