Have you ever read a book and, for some reason, the story just stays with you?  What I’m about to share with you is one of those stories – it’s not one of my all time favourite stories but I think there is a great message that may help you too.
This story is from the book  “Do Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more” by David Hieatt.
“This is a story I was told about Ralph Lauren. It may or may not be true. Anyway, the story goes like this. He spent millions building his ranch. Every detail considered. The builders and the architects had a tough old time of it. It was redone a couple of times.
After it was finally finished, they were super happy. But, for Ralph, something was missing. Something wasn’t quite right. The builders had to come back because the door was too perfect. It didn’t squeak. And everyone knows old ranches always have a squeaky door. So they had to put one in.”
“Imagine how much detail is considered for his clothes.”
When I read this story, two things stood out for me that could help you in your business and life too.
    1   Clarity = Power. 
If you want to succeed in business, relationships or life in general – you must know what you want in other
         to get the result.
  Do not settle.
You may not get it right the first, second or even the 20th time but if you know exactly what you want, then
         all you need to do is keep trying & tweaking it till you make it happen.  Settling is not an option.
         If you want  a squeaky door for your ranch then don’t settle for a perfect door.
Always remember this: 
, you’re meant for great things. Don’t ever settle for mediocrity.
I hope you enjoyed this story and the lessons and remember this the next time you’re working on your dream.
As always, thank you for your time and for being you.