No no, it’s not what you think it is. Oprah hasn’t discovered me – yet.?

I was thanking her for the ‘AHA’ moment she always talk about us. Those lightbulb moments when you finally get it!
That’s what happened last week. Huge ‘AHA’!
If you’re too busy to read this email, scroll down and listen to the song sung by
Athena Burke – it’s outstanding.
If you’re still reading this email, thank you for your time.
So this is what happened last week.
I was working with one of my clients. I went in with the intention to serve her and she trusted her inner voice to sign up for the session.
The outcome was beyond what we both imagined. It turned out to be an outstanding win-win for both of us.
How it helped me:
I have asked myself the below question dozens of times, if not more.
Why am I really in business?

I must have written the answer to this question over a 100 times at least, but there was something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on.
But I finally have the answer.
The ‘AHA’ moment happened after my session with Athena.
I was thanking God for an amazing session & that’s when I saw the last line of the prayer I say before each client, flashing in front of me.
“I will be healed as I let him teach me to heal.”

And I suddenly knew the answer to the question I have been asking all the years. It just came to me.
Why am I really in business?
I am in business to help my clients use the gifts they have been given by God so that they can truly become who God created them to be.

Remember I told you it was a win-win? This is what happened for Athena:

I know you admire people with talent so I’ve attached a song by her that I think you will love. Please do listen to it. It’s so worth it.
What a beautiful gift she has! She emailed me the song after her session to share the beautiful synchronicity.
The song is called “JUMP” and I hope you love it as much as I do.
Download the song here:
To buy Athena Burke’s music you can go here:
I hope this has inspired you, in some way, to go for your dreams. I know you have special gifts and God wants you to use those gifts.
Remember this always, .
The dream has been put in you, not to punish you, but to show you it can happen if you believe in it.
You can do it and you must.
As always, I am so grateful for you and your time.
Stay happy, blessed and never stop believing in your dreams.