I was working with a client and one of her goals was to have a successful business and be happy.
This is a good goal but the only problem with it is success and happiness means different things for each one of us.
Something I always tell a client is make it specific for you, because we are all unique individuals with our own dreams and desires.
For me, happiness equals conversations with Jesus, hanging out with my nieces, clean crisp bedsheets, the beach, hanging out with people I love and a great massage.
Success for me is my Breaking Free sessions. I am doing work I absolutely love & that I was born to do, I am transforming my clients’ lives and I get paid well for my expertise.
Wondering what my expertise is?
I am able to, intuitively and very quickly, figure out why someone keeps making the same mistakes in relationships, money and business and help them fix that problem.
There is one important point: I can only help people who really want to change.
You gotta love your dream more than your drama!

What does success and happiness mean for you?
The reason why you must define what it means for you is that that way you know exactly what you need to work towards.
As always, so grateful for you and your time.
Stay blessed, happy and never stop believing in your dreams, .