Imagine this 
It’s a boxing ring.
The Devil and a Christian desiring to work out his destiny are in the ring.
They are giving blow for blow.
Christian is doing great, smacking the devil all over.
There are 10,000 Christian’s in the crowd, observing and cheering Christian and asking him to beat the devil.
The fight was going great for Christian but then, all of a sudden; the devil comes with the right hook and smashes Christian on the floor.
There is pin drop silence.
And then, the referee starts to count.
The crowd starts screaming,
“Christian, GET UP! You can’t allow the devil to stop you at this stage in your destiny.”
The referee says 8,9.
The crowd goes silent again.
The devil is now standing on the rope of the ring, punching the air and sneering at the crowd.
The referee says 10 and the crowd gasps in horror. The devil screams,
“NEXT!” and is laughing so loud that it is sending shivers down people’s spines.
But then suddenly, from the other side of the ring, the Devil hears something that causes fear and chills to go through his body. It’s the referee.
“11, 12,13,14,15,16,17…”
The devil runs to the referee, who happens to be called Grace and says, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!!”
And GRACE says,
“To you, it’s not.
But he is one of my children and my grace will keep counting until he gets up.
I heard this amazing story a few months ago in church by a guest pastor.
I was weeping when I heard this story and sometimes it can be very embarrassing for my family especially my teenage daughter and shy husband because I am a loud weeper and can start weeping anywhere and everywhere. If something moves me, I weep so loud that sometimes they pretend that they are not with me by either getting as far as possible or looking in the opposite direction hoping others don’t notice we’re together.
 Anyway, back to the reason I am writing to you.
Why did I share this boxing ring story with you?
Because I believe this is a personal message for you.
YOU are the Christian in the boxing ring working out your destiny.
No matter how scared or unsure you may feel about the future or how may setbacks you may have had in life or even if you’re thinking maybe this is all I am going to do in life.
 Remember this always: “GOD is not going to give up on you, ever.”
He will keep waiting till you’re ready to get up and shine again and fulfill your destiny.
I hope this inspired you in some way and as always I love writing to you and am truly grateful for your time.
If you know anyone who maybe inspired by this story, please do share it with him or her.
Your Dream Coach