I am not sure if you feel this too but time seems to be flying by. Is it just me or is it really happening? I am not sure anymore.

The reason I am writing to you is because I wanted to connect with you and wish you a happy, successful and fulfilling 2017.

I also wanted to share something that really inspired me and thought it might do the same for you.

If you don’t have enough time and just want to get to the 3 questions, then please scroll all the way to the bottom. But if you do have time and want to read the whole email, that’s awesome.

So a new year begins and everyone is setting goals.

I am not here to give you a strategy on goal setting, though I do help clients with that.

But I’m here to suggest something which, if applied, will take your goals / dreams  to a whole new level.

About 4 months ago, I was working on a Breaking Free session for an extremely successful & amazing client. I was soooo nervous, I really wanted to help her get the most out of this session.

But I knew I was missing something crucial and had about 3 hours to figure it out.

I decided that maybe I should get silent and connect with Jesus, so I go to my room and try to connect. Within a few minutes, my daughter barges into the room & asks me what I’m doing.

Now this is unheard of when I’m in the middle of working because I turn into a crazy person if I’m disturbed when I’m working and preparing for a session.

There are two major rules I have that the household must follow or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS – only kidding (…not…) but seriously, there are actually 2 rules.

RULE 1: Don’t walk into the room while I’m meditating.

RULE 2 : NEVER, ever, ever, EVER talk to me when I’m preparing for a client.

But this time for some reason, instead of turning into a crazy person and chasing her out the door for violating both the rules, I listened to her advice which was:

“Don’t meditate Mama, why don’t you try something new like maybe watch something fun.”

And so I take out my laptop and google YouTube and a video starts playing. I’ve been doing this work long enough to realise when the Divine is sending me a sign. So I start watching this lady talk about her story.

And this is how it goes…

Her story

As a child, every Sunday morning after church, her dad used to drive through the white people’s neighbourhood.

She would see their fancy houses and some of them had gates, but she noticed all of them had trees.

A few years later, she is working in Baltimore and is friends with a lovely woman called Arlene. She was the wealthiest person she had ever met.

When she first went to Arlene’s home, she noticed 3 expensive cars int he driveway and she thought, “Ooooooh! Arlene is rich.”

At Arlene’s house, once she got inside, she could see from her kitchen window 6 trees.

And she thought,

“That’s it! Rich people have trees!!!”

“When I’m rich, I’m going to get me some trees.”

Fast forward around three decades, OPRAH WINFREY is now a legend and she is standing in her kitchen window in California, making coffee in the morning, and she sees the 6 trees.

She goes out to the front porch, excited to count 6 trees and finds out this…..

Her dream was 6 trees but GOD had other plans. She did not have 6 trees, not even 100, can you guess how many she had?

She had 3687 trees.

How did she know that? Because she had them counted.

I love this story so much because it’s such a great story about our limited dreams/goals vs GOD’s dreams/goals for our lives.

Her dream was 6 trees.

God’s dream for her was 3681 more than that.

Whatever may be your goal or dream, don’t forget to team up with GOD.

How do you do that? Start with these 3 questions for now:


         1. What is your Dream / plan for me, GOD?

Ask the question and then get still so you can get an answer. And once you do, be obedient and follow              the guidance.

         2. Do my goals/ dreams make me happy and will it make me a better person?

Pay attention to how your body reacts when you think of each goal/ dream.

Keep the ones that make you happy and get rid of the ones that bring your

energy down.

         3. If I don’t work on the dream, will I regret it as I look back at life? And who/ how many will suffer               as a result of me playing it small?

          I hope you make the time to answer these 3 questions as it will change your life.  And remember            No matter how big your dream is God’s dream for you is bigger than you could ever imagine.

If you know anyone who might like this, please share it with them. And as always I love writing to you, thank you for your time.



Your Dream coach