I don’t mean this in an arrogant way but for the first time in my life, I wanted to leave a testimonial for my own session. I was seriously that impressed!! You can check out the link here to read more about the session. http://indualexander.com/breaking-free-session-2/
But if you want to read the email and then check out the link, that’s perfect.

So I asked myself this random question a few months ago. And maybe there was nothing random about it, maybe it was divinely orchestrated.
The question was:
What would be my biggest regret if I died tomorrow?
My answer surprised me – it was not:
‘I wish I had spent more time with my family’
‘I wish I had more courage’
 Instead it was:
If I die tomorrow, my biggest regret would be that I did not write the book “From Spirit.”
Why was this book From Spirit so important? Well, I have to take you back to 2008.
I remember it was a sunny day in June 2008, I had finished writing a book called Your Life Matters and I was taking my daughter to school and just like that, out of the blue, I heard the voice – now this was a voice that I could not channel all the time. He spoke to me when he needed to.
This voice said: “’ Your life matters ‘will not be a success but your next book “From Spirit” will be a phenomenal success.
 I remember calling my mom and telling her about it, she just listened but did not say anything.
I tried to write ‘From Spirit’ several times between 2009 and 2015 but it felt forced and I was not motivated or inspired.
The funny thing was no one knew I was meant to write this book so there was no pressure. But the truth was I knew, the voice knew & GOD knew & that made all the difference.

I heard the voice spoke to me again in January 2016 – “God wants to give this project to someone who is motivated but I have asked him to give you one last chance, you have until 9pm on March 15th 2016.”
I tried very hard to write and by that, I mean sitting in front of the computer till inspiration struck and taking lots of naps, in the hope I would channel some divine messages in my sleep. However, nothing happened.
Finally, I said 10 words that have always worked for me ( will tell you about it in my next newsletter )and then, it was almost like Divine Intervention.
I had an idea:
Why not try the Breaking Free on myself since it was doing wonders for my clients who had invested in it?
So on February 26th I did the session for myself – my goal was:
I want to finish writing the book From Spirit by 9pm on the 15th of March 2016
Two weeks later, I completed the book From Spirit at 6pm on the 15th of March. I was 3 hours ahead of schedule.
I felt proud not only about completing the book but also because I was doing what GOD sent me here to do:
Change lives.
And all this happened because of this amazing  Breaking Free session.
You can check out the link here to read more about this session. http://indualexander.com/breaking-free-session-2/
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