I was sent this question by someone I admire and had 2 days to come back with a reply.
I thought about the question and then sat in front of my laptop staring at the white screen, hoping inspiration would strike, and that’s when it did happen.
I received an email from a client with a testimonial of her Breaking Free session.
This is what she said:
Here it is, Indu. If it’s too long, feel free to cut out what you want.
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my Breaking Free session with Indu!  It’s been a month and I truly feel that I have Broken Free.  
Before, I continually hit brick walls in my business.  I was unclear about how to market my services, how to charge, who to serve and what to delegate.  It’s incredible how much was accomplished over the course of the two weeks I worked with Indu.  Responding to Indu’s questions during her prep time prompted me to make some important changes even before we Skyped.  
On our Skype it was obvious that Indu had done her homework.  She’d printed out my website and brochure and covered it with notes.  By the time we were done, she’d addressed every business, emotional and spiritual issue blocking me from flying free.  
In the month since, I’ve gotten a lucrative contract and am crystal clear on who I serve and specifically what I need to do to reach them.  Magically, the resources I need to implement are flowing to me effortlessly.  
If you are afraid to go through this process with Indu, as I was, feel your fear and do it anyway!!  You’ll be glad you did!”
– Suzanne H
As I read this email, I knew my answer.
My Breaking Free sessions is what I would love to be famous for.
Well, because it’s a win-win scenario.
Clients walk away feeling like the lovely Suzanne did and I walk away feeling grateful, because I am doing the work God sent me here to do and it gives me so much joy seeing people break free and soar and become who God really created them to be.

Now my question to you is:
What would you like to be famous for?
I hope you take the time to answer this question – your answer will really help you get clarity and help you set the right goals.

I have a great offer for anyone who is interested in the 30 minute taster session.
It’s only $11 for everyone on my newsletter list and this price is available until the 15th of July 2018.

You can email me to book a session.
As always, thank you for your time and your support.
Stay happy, blessed and never stop believing in your dreams, .