The book I wrote in 2008, it changed my life and I decided to publish it so it would help others too. I even had one particular demographic in mind whilst writing chapter 10 – TERRORISTS.

Somehow I thought all I needed to do was put the book out there and I would become an overnight raging success and millionaire.

After all, it was a book that would help people live a life that matters, even terrorists.

I had 2 worthy goals in 2008

  1. Publish my book, Your life Matters  – so  people realised that they matter and their lives matter.
  2. Become a millionaire overnight and indulge myself and all my loved ones. I liked the idea of sitting on a beautiful beach sipping on some fancy drink and grinning whilst reading a review about a group of terrorists who were saved thanks to my book ( chapter 10 saved them) and now they are buying my book and giving it to all the baddies they know.


I was so naïve back then, I assumed that since the book changed my life, once it was published, people would just magically know about the book and there would be millions buying my book and they would know they matter too.

Did that happen? Of course…not.

Family, friends and about 8 strangers ( who left amazing reviews on amazon )bought the book and that was the end.

When people expressed an interest in buying the book, I would give it away free and one day, the publisher decided that there were not enough sales – of course there were no sales, no one knew about it – I just assumed like the 3 kings who knew about Jesus’s birth, people FROM FAR AND WIDE would magically know about my wonderful book & seek me out.

My daughter was slightly amused and had a dumb look ( I don’t know if it’s genetic or not) when she found out that I had written a chapter for terrorists. She asked me, ”What did you think, Mama? A terrorist would go on Amazon and look up your book, thinking to themselves,”Oh look, this book has a chapter for terrorists! Let’s buy it immediately!”.”

Actually, I hadn’t thought it out at all. I just assumed people would queue up yes terrorists included!


  • If you have something you believe in & it can help others, YOU NEED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW – They deserve to know it and don’t assume they will find you.
  • When you fail it does not mean you suck or your work sucks!!! It could just mean like in my case –  Maybe no one knew about my book.
  • Learn from the mistake and try a different approach.                                     Like maybe tell people about it like I am doing now –                              I have now written 2 books that I am really proud of especially my second one “From Spirit “ here is the link to buy the books. http://indualexander.com/ebook/
  • Ask others to help you , so here I am requesting you to leave a review if you like my books and let others you know who may get value from this to buy these books.

This is a message for you,

 If you have created something you are proud of and also know that it will help others, you must let people know.

Do check out my ebook page. I’m really excited to share it with you.

Here is the link :http://indualexander.com/ebook/

I hope you enjoy the books and there is a free chapter you can download from my new book From Spirit.



And lastly, if you fail at something, it’s not the end of the world. Just get up and try again till you get it right.

As always, I love writing to you. Hope you enjoyed this & got some value out of it .



Your Dream Coach