Just wondering,would you ever give a monkey this beautiful CHANEL pearl necklace? No, right? – I thought so.
 But imagine if you did what would happen next:
I think the monkey would probably rip the necklace apart, scatter your precious pearls on the ground and then give you a look like the one below.
I have a point here  – so I was working on this Session that I created called BREAKING FREE – it’s the coolest, the most brilliant thing I have ever created.
I love it so much that I even offer a free call – email me at indualexander@me.com or reply to this email, if you are interested in a FREE 30 minute taster.
So coming back to the monkey and the pearl necklace.
I was on the Free call with my client and she was telling me about an area she was struggling with that sounded familiar.
Have you had that experience, when you wake up and you’re excited to share this amazing discovery? (No, not Penicillin, that’s been discovered already)
But something as valuable in your opinion that can change this person’s life, and you run out to tell her, adrenalin pumping and secretly thinking maybe you’re a genius after all & now she will know it too. Woo-hoo!!
But, instead of praise, you get a look that makes you feel slightly stupid.
And you stand there feeling awkward &wishing you had a time machine that could make you disappear forever.
Now my client is a cool, intelligent, intuitive woman with a big heart & a desire to help.
Her problem:
She loves helping everyone, ESPECIALLY that one person. You know, the one who is never impressed, even if you stand on your head for 10 minutes straight.
So here’s what I shared with her that really helped her & may help you too:
As I was listening to her, I figured out what was happening, I was shown an image of a monkey and a pearl necklace.
This is my unique specialty and expertise – I can hone in very quickly and figure out what’s happening and also know how to fix the problem.
This was the mistake she was making: 
She was giving a pearl necklace (her valuable wisdom, expertise, talent, insight) to a monkey (her friend)
So I suggested two things for her and maybe, if you have the same problem, try this and let me know if it works.
  1. Stop helping people who don’t value or need your help!
In other words:
Stop giving the monkey a pearl necklace. Why?
Coz the monkey does not value the damn pearls.
        2. And if you can’t stop helping people because that’s just who you are (a.k.a: a natural giver),
 Please think of that person as the monkey.
The monkey just doesn’t know any better! So don’t take it PERSONALLY.
That way, you don’t beat yourself up over it and focus instead on finding people who would love your help and pearls of wisdom.
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Why are you offering this free half-hour session?
1) Coz I love creating win-win scenarios.
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 it’s my way of saying I truly value you and want to help you win.
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on the inside and the outside!
See it’s a win-win!!!
What will happen in the free session and the actual session?
Well, you’ll find out when you book in.
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Have a great day, you so deserve it.
Ps: In case you were wondering, I don’t own the CHANEL pearl necklace but you can get everything on Google. I do love GOOGLE !