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My story from Business to Ministry

There are no accidents, it’s exactly like it’s meant to be.

I’m so grateful you’re here and I truly believe that our paths have crossed because God intended it to be this way.I look forward to the day I get a chance to serve you.


My name is Indu, and I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

November 2021 

I was called into ministry by God in November 2021 and I’m so excited about this journey. It’s a huge leap of faith but I know I can’t fail because God is the one leading the way.

Because God is with me, I am successful.



❤ I am in ministry because God asked me to do this.

It’s motivated by God’s love for you and my desire to be faithful to God.


❤ It was the beginning of a new decade and the year was 2020, one that we as a human race will never forget.

While the world was struggling with COVID, God was working in my life and had put this desire in my heart to immerse myself in His Word.

And one ordinary day, as I was vacuuming my living room, Jesus asked me to call a family member, one I did not know very well at the time, as He had a message for her. That one phone call I initially resisted making, resulted in me providing her with spiritual mentoring for almost a year.  All the sessions were guided by Jesus.

One act of trusting Jesus led to not just the course of her life-changing but mine too.

Though I didn’t know at the time that God was taking me from business to ministry, the seed was planted by Jesus on that ordinary day.


❤ My phone pings and I pick up to look at it. It’s an email from the family member I had mentioned above.
As I opened the email, I had tears streaming down my face and you will know why when you read this testimonial.

Subject heading: love you

Hi Indu

I have been wanting to write a testimonial for you for quite sometime. You could say it came to me one day when I was praying, the thought to write one for you . Indu, you came into my life during one of my lowest moments. The call I got from you where you told me that god doesn’t want me to do anything rash changed my life. Ten years of my life I spent away from god, thinking that all the struggles I am going through is because he’s punishing me and he doesn’t love me. I struggled a lot to find my way back to him and kept giving up. I was stuck in a vicious cycle that I thought I could never break out of. The prayer sessions with you helped me get back to Jesus. The feeling that he loves me no matter what and is always looking out for me was what I was missing all these years. And I just want to thank you for helping me find my way back. These days even when things go wrong, I don’t even for a second think that’s it’s god punishing me , instead I always find it in myself to pray in faith that I will be brought out of this difficult situation. I have started to ask his permission and grace before deciding on things. When things don’t go according to my plan, I always believe that he’s got a better plan for me. When I have anxious thoughts , I rebuke them and I realise its not from my Jesus. And for all this I have you to thank for. For listening to Jesus’s voice and picking up that phone to call me. For always

sharing your thoughts and prayers with me . I have a long way to go in my relationship with Jesus but I know am on the right path. This mail is to just tell you , what you are doing is amazing and you saved my life. I pray and hope that you continue to use your gift and help out many many more people. I love you Indu and I pray that god showers all his blessings over the three of you. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Lots and lots of love,


(I have taken out this beautiful girl’s name to respect her privacy.)


On Sunday, the 14th of November, , I received a text from a friend…

14th November

I received a text from a friend who was part of the church I used to attend. It was an invitation via WhatsApp for a coffee.

I felt guided to say yes, even though it was not ideal, and what happened since then still amazes me. Talk about it being divinely orchestrated!

It was guided by God every step of the way and the signs were so clear that I could not ignore it. God is truly amazing and His ways are truly so different from the world.

 My ministry is motivated by God’s love, goodness, and His amazing grace.

I can’t wait to serve the clients that God brings to me!


Mid 1970’s-90’s

During The Year 2001

The Summer of 2008

From 2015 – 2021

I grew up in a loving and stable home – the kind where you didn’t need to worry about bills, you visited your cousins and grandma every summer and your parents rarely fought (or at least you didn’t see the fights).

I have a distinct memory of me as a 7-year old child. I was sitting on the balcony, looking up at the skies and asking God why he created me. I knew at a young age that we all had a reason to be here but I wanted to know more.

I started talking to God again to help me find my purpose.

I didn’t hear from him right away.

At corporate parties, while people spoke about the next quarter or made small talk ( I am terrible at small talk).

I would ask bigger and more random questions along the lines of “Are you happy?” and “Is this your calling?” or “What is your legacy going to be?” and “Why are you here?”.

While I would often have conversations with God, they were always one-sided until one cold November evening.

I was getting ready for church when I heard Jesus for the first time.

I was very enthusiastic, almost like a child who got her first toy. But when I shared my experience with people, they thought I was nuts. Hearing back from God was not normal in my circle.

I hid for a long time after that because I was so embarrassed to be seen as weird.

I don’t blame them because we always ridicule or judge what we don’t understand but I was more interested in their acceptance, rather than God’s approval.

It is a choice we all make – to be or not to be (ourselves).

But God had not given up on me.

I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the radiator and meditating, when out of nowhere, I saw the vision. It was like a movie playing in my head.

I was sitting on the beach crying, and then as I looked up, I saw him approaching. It was the second time I had seen him, and by “him,” I mean my most favourite person in the whole world: Jesus.

He was dressed in a white robe, and he had some red cloth over it; he looked like the statue I had in my study. I remember running up to and hugging him. I was in my school uniform and would have been about four years old.

I was clinging to his knee and crying whilst asking him the question, “Why did you make me like this?” ( I felt different and hated being different. All I wanted was, to be like everyone else and belong.)

He then bent down and picked me up and carried me in his arms, and while my little hands wrapped around his neck, I remember thinking, “Wow!!!!!!!!!! No one has loved me like this ever, not even my own mother. In my head, a mother’s love was the ultimate love, but this . . .

I cannot begin to describe what I felt, but the love I felt was so pure, so unlike any love I’d ever experienced on this plane, that all I could do was weep with joy. I feel so unworthy of this love, and yet he saw me as worthy.

What can you do when someone loves you like that, other than weep with


I held onto him, and I was experiencing all these beautiful emotions at the same time: love, peace, joy, childlike excitement, fun.


I did not want it to end.

I was

boisterous, and he loved me.

vulnerable, and he loved me.

angry, and he loved me.

sad, and he loved me.

I felt unworthy and not enough, and he loved me.

Then he put me down and looked into my eyes. He had the kindest, wisest eyes I had ever seen, and he said, “I made you like this, so you can help others like you.” 

This is my favorite memory.

I could finally be ‘me’ and be loved. That had never happened before. Until that moment, love always felt like a transaction.  

I wanted to share this with you because it was important you know why Jesus is such an integral part of my life. It took me another decade to muster up the courage to do the work I was sent here for. 

I was doing work I really enjoyed and it was going well.

I was helping spiritual, high achievers, who wanted to live their purpose, make a difference and make money.

It was great but what I didn’t know at the time, God had other plans for me.



❤ The simple answer is no, It never crossed my mind.

I always loved God but I didn’t think I would be doing this. It was completely orchestrated by God and I am just following His lead and actually loving it.



❤ I have never felt more blessed or guided. Everything is easy and effortless. God is truly amazing and His ways are truly so different from the world.

It makes no logical sense and yet I have never felt better or been rewarded more.

❤ I live in London with my husband, who thinks he has a great sense of humor, my daughter, who is sure I am out of my mind most of the time, and our dog Benji, who has absolutely no boundaries.

❤ When a client refers to Jesus as ‘My Jesus’

❤ Conversations with Jesus

❤ Bollywood music

❤ Afternoon naps

❤ Getting new revelation from the Holy Spirit while reading the Bible.

❤ Hanging out with people I love and who make me laugh

❤ Rom-coms

❤ Listening to anointed sermons

❤ Talking to my mom & dad used to make me happy (they are both in heaven now.)


❤ I was born 4 days before Christmas Day.

❤ I wanted to be a doctor, not because I loved medicine but I loved the idea of wearing scrubs and a white coat.

❤ As a teen, I used to dress as a ghost and scare people walking past my house.

❤ I used to walk on tiptoes as a child and still do if I am barefoot.

❤ I take a power nap every day.


I wouldn’t recommend working with me.

It would be a waste of both our time.

It may be worth googling and checking out someone who is a better fit for you.


My dad told me this when I started my first job and it’s never failed me.

 “Always do more than what is expected of you.”


Before I tell you how, I need to let you know that I had no intentions of turning his romantic day into a nightmare.

Valentine’s day: 2006

Venue: At a mall in Bangalore, India

My sister and I are waiting for the restaurant to open.

With 20 minutes to spare and not wanting to look at each other’s faces, we are drawn to the sign which read,

“Enter at your own risk…”

A haunted tour!

“It’ll be fun,” we say.

 We pay for our tickets and walk in, excited to be scared.

 Within 20 seconds of being in the haunted place, I am screaming at the top of my lungs.

My sister, who is tinier than me, does not seem strong enough to protect me from what lies ahead.

So I decide to do the next best thing – I grab hold of this guy’s shirt/ arm and hold onto it for dear life.

Who is this guy? No idea; just a dude with his girlfriend, who was walking in front of us. He must have thought it’s a great idea to take his date to a haunted tour, where he could play the chivalrous hero and protect his girlfriend while she was scared.

Anyway, instead of helping me, he tries to get me off him (like you would try to get a bug off your shirt – not very chivalrous to push away a damsel in distress).

But all I could think about was my safety so I lose all my inhibitions and squeeze my way under his arm, to hold onto his bony body as tight as I can.

I hang on for dear life, digging my nails into his ribs and refusing to let go because I know this guy is my means to getting out safely.

Between his squeals (from the physical pain), my screaming and the laughter from his girlfriend and my sister, it’s mayhem.

We even had the zombies & ghosts laughing.

The good thing was I didn’t let go of this guy for the next 10-15 minutes of this tour.

By the time we came out, he looked like a zombie.

He had no idea what had hit him.

Outcome post-tour:

His girlfriend is laughing at him.

The guy looks traumatised.

My sister and I cry-laugh our way to the restaurant.

And then we toast to the stranger who chose (was forced) to protect me.

PS: I have no idea if they went out afterwards. Well, even if they did, I’m sure romance was the last thing on his mind.

 Moral of the story:

I really wanted this story to have a moral but couldn’t think of any!

Unless you can see one – then please let me know.

But I’m super grateful for your time.

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