Mid 1970’s-90’s

I grew up in a loving and stable home – the kind where you didn’t need to worry about bills, you visited your cousins and grandma every summer and your parents rarely fought (or at least you didn’t see the fights).

My parents expected us to get good grades and we always worked towards that.

But we never spoke about our purpose.
I have no idea how I became so obsessed with it but even as a young 7 year-old, I would sit in the balcony, look up at the skies and ask God why he created me. I didn’t know back then that I was asking God about my purpose.

As the years passed, I graduated and went on to do my MBA, as I had always liked business.

After finishing my MBA, I ventured into the world, thinking I would find the perfect high earning job and live happily ever after.
However, it didn’t go quite as I had planned.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have good jobs and excelled in some but something was amiss.

In 2001

A friend asked me to read this amazing book called “The Alchemist”.
I could not put it down once I started. Soon after, I was buying everyone this book.
Inspired by the book, I started talking to God again to help me find my purpose and wisdom.
I didn’t hear from him right away.

At corporate parties, while people spoke about the next quarter or made small talk ( I am terrible at small talk).
I would ask bigger and more random questions along the lines of “Are you happy?” and “Is this your calling?” or “What is your legacy going to be?” and “Why are you here?”.

While I would often have conversations with God, they were always one-sided until one cold November evening.
I was getting ready for church when I heard the voice for the first time.

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I was very enthusiastic, almost like a child who got her first toy. But when I shared my experience with people, they thought I was nuts. Hearing back from God was not normal in my circle.

I hid for a long time after that because I was so embarrassed to be seen as weird.

I don’t blame them because we always ridicule or judge what we don’t understand but I was more interested in their acceptance, rather than doing God’s work.

It is a choice we all make – to be or not to be (ourselves).

But I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when you say enough is enough, that living your life for the approval of others is no way to live.

For me, that time came when I was still working at Nestle and had put my heart and soul into a project that was very well received by senior management and the entire team.

When it came to my appraisal, I was given a a mediocre review (the “Good but not great” kind of review).

This really bothered me because I realised that I had no control over the outcome.

I was heartbroken because I was expecting an outstanding review after the quality of work and effort I had put forward. My boss knew how hard I worked but ultimately it was her call.

I fell sick soon after and, during a 2 week break at home, I wrote a book, a book that I had had no previous inclination to write, called “Your Life Matters”.

This book was my first step towards freedom.

My corporate journey didn’t end there. Within 10 minutes of my resignation, I was offered a great position as a buyer within the same company with a 50% increase in salary & no interview, receiving all this during a period of recession.

Of course, I took up the job and did very well.

As time passed, I was getting very good at what I did and very comfortable in this stage of my career – at least until I was told by Jesus “to quit my job and follow my heart”.

If you looked from the outside, my world looked pretty good. Most of the boxes on my checklist for success and “happiness” were ticked and all I needed to do was keep going. The bosses who loved me, the team who I cared about greatly, the ample wage, the appreciation I had received in a position I had always coveted and in a company I had always wanted to be a part of: it was my own workplace fairytale come true, or so I had thought.

But there was something off, something missing from my professional paradise, something whose absence was seemingly invisible to all but me: the feeling of belonging.

I felt as though this wasn’t where I was meant to be, but I just wasn’t sure where the right place for me was yet.

Practically it didn’t make sense to quit a great job but, in my heart, it felt so right that I simply could not ignore it and I had to trust in my own intuition and that Jesus would never lead me down the wrong path.

Everyone who I shared this with me advised me against taking this step except my husband, who said that if that was what Jesus said, then he believed me.

So, to put a long story short(er), I quit my job and started following my heart.

Was it easy? No, if I’m being completely candid, it wasn’t. It was scary and I had no idea if I would ever succeed.

I started doing intuitive work and my business grew purely through grace & word of mouth but as the years passed, I started feeling like there was more to my work. I knew I had taken the right path but I felt as though the road stretched further than I had anticipated. I just didn’t know how far I’d journey then.

I started asking God to help me and was soon shown a vision, which revealed to me my purpose. It only came into being years later, however – in 2015, to be exact.

In 2015

I found exactly what I was looking for and have not looked back since.

You know, they say decisions are made in an instant. For me, 2 things happened in 2015 that made me shift my business almost entirely. I wish they were pleasant memories but a lot of times, our greatest blessings are disguised in pain.
Today I get to help spiritual, high achievers, who want to live their purpose, make a difference and make money.

I help them get out of their own way and help them get clarity, courage, confidence and strategies they need to make a difference & live their soul’s purpose.

You may not know what your future holds but I know who holds your future.


There is more than one reason but I’ll give you one for now.

There is a gentleman responsible and his name is Ivan Iyllich from Leo Tolstoy’s short story “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”. At the end of the story he is on his death bed and and he is consumed with hatred and resentment, wondering where it all went wrong for him.

This scared me so much that I began the pursuit to find my purpose and help others like me.


Short answer: I didn’t want to die with regret, go to heaven and tell God that I was sorry but I had failed. That I didn’t do the job I was assigned

My dad said I had to get married or get a MBA when I finished my Bachelor’s degree. I always liked business, so I got the MBA first. But now I see it clearly: I get to use both my intuition and my business acumen to help my clients.

I love helping spiritual women who are high achievers like yourself, get out of their own way so they can do the work they came here to do.

I work with coaches, writers, spiritual teachers, realtors and other creative types with clarity, sabotage, believing in themselves and healing blocks.

I work with women mostly, although I’ve have had a number of male clients, who are amazing.

I wouldn’t recommend working with me.

It would be a waste of your money and my time.

It may be worth googling and checking out someone who is a better fit for you.

You may not call yourself a high achiever but if you are someone who wants to:

  • Do work that makes a positive difference
  • Live a life that you can look back at and say “I’m proud of what I did and stood for.”
  • Make money ethically
  • Invest in themselves so you can become the ‘you’ you always wanted to be
  • Help others both financially and through your gifts

Then – yes, yes, a thousand times “yes” – we would be a great combo. 🙂

  • Seeing my clients have that ‘aha moment’ Oprah often talks about & succeeding
  • Afternoon naps
  • Bollywood music
  • Spending time with Jesus
  • Hanging out with people I love
  • Rom coms
  • Talking to my mom & dad used to make me happy (they are both in heaven now)

I live in London with my husband, who thinks he has a great sense of humour, my daughter, who is sure I am out of my mind most of the time, and our dog Benji, who has absolutely no boundaries.

My dad told me this when I started my first job and it’s never failed me in business and life.

“Always do more than what is expected of you.”


Before I tell you how, I need to let you know that I had no intentions of turning his romantic day into a nightmare.

Valentine’s day: 2006
Venue: At a mall in Bangalore, India

My sister and I are waiting for the restaurant to open.
With 20 minutes to spare and not wanting to look at each other’s faces, we are drawn to the sign which read,
“Enter at your own risk…”

A haunted tour!

“It’ll be fun,” we say.


We pay for our tickets and walk in, excited to be scared.


Within 20 seconds of being in the haunted place, I am screaming at the top of my lungs.
My sister, who is tinier than me, does not seem strong enough to protect me from what lies ahead.

So I decide to do the next best thing – I grab hold of this guy’s shirt/ arm and hold onto it for dear life.

Who is this guy? No idea; just a dude with his girlfriend, who was walking in front of us. He must have thought it’s a great idea to take his date to a haunted tour, where he could play the chivalrous hero and protect his girlfriend while she was scared.

Anyway, instead of helping me, he tries to get me off him (like you would try to get a bug off your shirt – not very chivalrous to push away a damsel in distress).

But all I could think about was my safety so I lose all my inhibitions and squeeze my way under his arm, to hold onto his bony body as tight as I can.

I hang on for dear life, digging my nails into his ribs and refusing to let go because I know this guy is my means to getting out safely.

Between his squeals (from the physical pain), my screaming and the laughter from his girlfriend and my sister, it’s mayhem.

We even had the zombies & ghosts laughing.

The good thing was I didn’t let go of this guy for the next 10-15 minutes of this tour.

By the time we came out, he looked like a zombie.
He had no idea what had hit him.

Outcome post-tour:

His girlfriend is laughing at him.

The guy looks traumatised.

My sister and I cry-laugh our way to the restaurant.

And then we toast to the stranger who chose (was forced) to protect me.

PS: I have no idea if they went out afterwards. Well, even if they did, I’m sure romance was the last thing on his mind.


Moral of the story:
I really wanted this story to have a moral but couldn’t think of any!
Unless you can see one – then please let me know.

But I’m super grateful for your time. 🙂


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