You are the champion of your life and i’m here to
remind it to you and mentoring your lifestyle…….

About Me

Like you, I have dreams and hopes—fears and doubt. I grew up in a loving home but I struggled to love myself. I felt different from others around me and  thought that was bad. I struggled with believing in my value, I did not even know I had VALUE. I was well educated with an MBA in marketing but I always felt like a square peg in a round hole in the corporate world. At corporate parties, while everyone spoke about the next quarter or tried to impress the boss I would ask questions like:

    • Are you truly happy?
    • Are you a living a life that matters?
    • Do you love your job?

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OPRAH was so right about this!!

Hi This is what Oprah said - that when extraordinary things happen in our lives, they often begin with ordinary days. She was absolutely right, it happened to me. It was just another ordinary Friday and I was sitting on my couch and had about 15 minutes before I...

1 Important lesson to remember

Hi Today, after meditating, I sat down to write to you but I was guided to work on my book instead. I attempted to work on the book and by that I mean I opened the document and stared at my writing for the next 30 minutes and that’s when something caught my attention...