Today, after meditating, I sat down to write to you but I was guided to work on my book instead.
I attempted to work on the book and by that I mean I opened the document and stared at my writing for the next 30 minutes and that’s when something caught my attention and I knew had to share it with you.
But, before that, just a quick overview on what happened to me last year as its super relevant.
So a year ago in 2015, I was visiting my dad and having a great time.
One day, I was in a bookstore browsing – when I heard the voice say,
“Buy this book for your dad”
( no it was not the sales guy or a raving fan of the book – it was the same voice I hear when I am doing a reading or praying)
So I pick up the book – Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani – and walk to the counter, as I was about to pay – I had a random thought what if he reads the book and something happens to him.
So I ignored divine guidance and chose to listen to my own guidance, which knew how to protect my dad. I did not buy him that book but bought him 2 other best-selling books.
As I walked out of the book store, I had that feeling you know when you know you’ve made a mistake but you don’t want to think about it. So I walked into the next door coffee shop and ate a blueberry muffin instead.
Two weeks later my dad suffered a stroke and my life took a really heartbreaking and yet transformational turn.
Due to the brain damage, my dad suffered paralysis on the left side. He was also unable to eat and read. This was heart breaking because he was a voracious reader; he was always reading about 4 books at a time even at 80+
And secondly he loved food  – this was his greatest indulgence, meal times were his favorite time of the day. He loved food so much that while eating breakfast he would already be thinking about lunch.
My daughter has inherited the same love for food. I hope she’s also inherited his humour, intelligence and decency. 
In February 2015 the 2 things he enjoyed the most got taken away.
We prayed to GOD and we were desperate. My sister and I  – Pleading with GOD to heal our dad but nothing happened.
So coming back to what I wanted to share with you. I have no recollection of writing this so when I came upon this, I knew this was Divine intervention.
It was a random conversation I had with GOD in the middle of writing my book. This is just an extract from my conversation.
GOD, I really don’t understand the meaning of Life. My dad’s a good man who had simple pleasures, he loved his food and reading but then one day, just like that, even that gets taken away from him. Why? Why? Why? It’s not fair.
Indu, you must remember that everything is happening for Bobby’s best. He will be able to eat and read but, for now, this is a requirement so there is a miracle.
Remember you are not meant to understand everything.
You will understand the mysteries when I choose to reveal it.
So when hard times come up, TRUST IN MY WAYS.
Like I promised you, he will be able to eat and read again.
That conversation happened in May 2015, my dad can eat now and is back to enjoying his food. 
Just like GOD promised.
I was in church the other day & praying for my dad when I heard the voice again– send him a book if you want him to read.
He‘s not been able to read since the stroke. A part of me was scared, what if he can’t read and that makes him sad. BUT this time, I trusted the voice & sent him a book, which he should receive in a few weeks time.
I sent him the same book he was meant to read last year.
‘Dying to be’ by Anita Moorjani.
Today I feel excited knowing that – GOD is in charge and if he has said my dad will be able to read – I have no doubt he will.
Why did I share this with you?
So that you also remember this lesson:
When you are going through a personal struggle, remember THIS:
No matter how hard things may seem, YOU will come out of this better and stronger.
Keep the Faith & Trust in GOD’s ways, as these are 2 key requirements for a miracle.
And I truly hope you receive the miracle you have been praying for.
Indu xo