I’m always trying to teach my daughter important lessons in life.
She may take it in or she may not but I feel my job is to keep teaching and preaching till she gets it!
So it was our weekly Sunday family outing into Central London, which means church and then dim sum at China Town.
The only annoying part is the journey we have to take a tram, a train and 2 tubes to get to our destination.
But that does not stop us because church is totally worth it.
If you have a Hillsong church near you, go check it out.
You will be blown away by their music and passion for what they stand for.
They inspire us to turn up every week and pursue excellence and you may just have the most surreal experience with GOD.
But coming back to the reason I am writing to you.
So we got to the last stop and got on the last escalator, which is the longest escalator with almost 100 steps.
My daughter and husband were way ahead and I was quite far behind. I saw them poke their head out just to make sure I was okay and then I could see them sharing a joke (being intuitive has its perks – I knew the joke was about how slow I am when it comes to walking) so I decided to exceed my own expectation by choosing to climb up the escalator as opposed to standing on the right side till I reached the top.
I was determined and climbed the entire way and I even had time to wait for these two so I could preach before church.
That’s when I reminded them both of the turtle and hare story between my huffing and puffing.
The turtle and hare enrolled in a race.
The hare was quick and over confident and stopped for a break while the turtle was slow, steadfast and eventually the winner of the race (like me in this case minus my huffing and puffing)
I wanted my daughter to remember an important lesson –  not to rest on her laurels when things got easy but to keep forging ahead.
And yes, I learnt an important lesson too. It was time to get fit; I could barely preach because of my panting.
Moral of the story:
It does not matter where you are at in your life, business, career or fitness.
Maybe others seem to be racing ahead.
The key is to know what you want, to keep moving ahead, to keep trying and not quit till you’ve reached your goal.
, I truly believe this about you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.
Don’t let past failures, mistakes or procrastination stop you from winning.
Remember the turtle the next time you want to quit or give up.
He won the race and so will you.
I have a special gift for you:
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Coming back to you, email me and let’s book you in for a session.
Stay blessed, live with passion and never stop believing in your dreams. I am so grateful for you,.