Isn’t it amazing how God always sends us the right message at the right time?
I was recently thinking that I wish I was disciplined. I grew up in a home where every day was the same. We woke up at a certain time.
I would pray my parents would over sleep but they never did.
They woke up at 6am every day.
My mom prayed from 6:30 – 7:30am.
My dad would walk go for his morning walk from 6:45 -7:15am.
Read the newspaper between 7:15am- 8am.
8:00 am was bath.
Then breakfast at 8:30am.
If my parents said we would leave at 6am for the road trip. We were all in the car ready to leave at 5:58am.
It was just how it was, as much as I hated it as a child.
Discipline is a key ingredient that sets apart the successful people from those striving.
But, in spite of knowing how important discipline is, I struggled sticking to my business schedule, especially on days when I needed to do newsletters, marketing or paperwork.
I would stretch out on my couch and watch Netflix (most were for my own entertainment and others I convinced myself would help me build a successful business).
An example:
#Girl boss – watch her work her ass off to create an empire & hope that the expression “Monkey see, monkey do” would work in this case.
But a few weeks ago, I heard something and It was one of those lightbulb moments for me & I hope it helps you too if you’re lacking in discipline.
“Discipline really is saying I am going to plan for pain, so I can enjoy the pleasure!” 
Wow, for some reason, I just thought you either had it or you didn’t.
At least the disciplined ones I knew acted like they were blessed with this superior gift.
 But this was music to my ears. It was merely a conscious choice I needed to make.
I used to be a huge advocate of only do what you love – I still am but, as an entrepreneur, I’ve learnt that when you’re doing what you love, there will be a lot of days when you have to do things that you don’t particularly enjoy but is absolutely essential for your career and life.
If you are struggling with discipline:
1.Start small.
2. Make a to-do list the previous night.
For me I struggled with writing newsletters every week that could help you.
So, I set a goal this year that I would write 5 lines every day and every day, I turn up to write 5 lines & end up writing more than I signed up for.
Most days, I’m writing nonsense which you never get to see but there are some days when I do feel like it’s worth sharing with you.
So,, do things that you don’t want to do now. Why?
So, in the future, you can sip on that dirty martini, get a relaxing shoulder massage and take in the view of the beautiful ocean from your spacious villa and smile because life is great.
You not only look like a million bucks but you’re making millions and helping millions too.