I am not sure if you have ever noticed but I always send you these emails on a Friday.
This is not a coincidence. I do this with a very specific intention.
It was almost a year and half ago. I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a few posts by someone I knew – a wonderful woman who had a job that paid her extremely well – and if you looked at her life from outside, she seemed to have it all. But almost every Friday, she would put up a similar post saying,
“TGIF, I can’t wait to get away from work.”
I don’t know why it made me sad every time I read her post. A part of me would wonder if I should risk leaving a comment telling her that she deserved to do work she loved and be happy everyday, not just on a Friday or the weekend.
I never did leave a comment but it stayed with me.
I wished that people would start using the acronym TGIF in a more empowering & positive way.
So I decided that I would start sending out emails every Friday and hoped that these emails would bring joy and inspiration into my readers’ lives.
My intention is that these emails help you and add more value to your life.
Are there topics you would like me to talk about? Let me know.
As always, thank you for your time & I’m so grateful for you.
Stay blessed, happy and never stop believing in your dreams, .