I want to share a story with you.
It’s not my story or the story of someone I know personally. But it’s from a book I have owned for over 35 years.
It’s a green bound book.
I am not sure why I am so attached to it. If there was a fire and I could only take one physical object, it would be this green book. It was my dad’s book and when I moved to London, I brought it with me.
The book is a part of my childhood. I remember I would lie in bed with my mom and dad & read this book.
I think one day when I die, I would like to be buried with this book.
The story is one I have read several times and I don’t know why but I never get tired of reading it.
And I thought I must share it with you. Maybe you will love it too.
I’ve typed it up and saved it as a pdf so you can read it when convenient.
Hope it inspires you to aim high and get up when you fall down.
I would love to know if there was a fire and you could only take one thing, what would you take?
As always, I love writing to you and thank you for making time for me.
Live with passion,
Your dream coach