I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering if there is anything I could offer in this email that may be of value to you. I wrote out a few emails but none of them felt right.
Actually, a lot of my time is spent thinking about what I should share with you and so I decided to turn to God and surrender it to him.
And literally after surrendering it to him, actually in the middle of the act, I knew this is exactly what I needed to share with you.
So this one is for you,
If you are struggling with something or you are not sure of what action to take or decision to make, try this. It’s always worked for me and I have this feeling it will work for you too.
I use this when I feel stuck and helpless or when I really want something and I am not sure how to make it happen or when I actually hear the message from the angels to give it to GOD.
I write an email to God and email it to myself.
This week, I actually emailed him quite a few times:
The first time it was asking him to give me the right idea for this newsletter.
Another time it was to  help me figure out something for a client in a breaking free session.
The third time it was asking GOD to help a friend find peace in her life.
I always end the email with a ‘thank you’ and ‘love you’ and I don’t know how it works but God helps me either find peace in a situation or the solution.
So try this if you are worried, anxious or stressed about something and have no idea how to solve this problem. 
You don’t have to do this alone , there is an easier path.
Email God and ask him to help you and he will.​​​​​​​
As always thank you for your time and I love writing to you.
Stay happy and live with passion.
Your dream coach
A believer in GOD and infinite possibilities