It was mid August.
Venue  – Le Grand Savoy, Marrakech
I am in a great mood.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
For someone who never eats breakfast, I am beginning to see the benefits already.
Not only am I in a great mood but I also have discovered a new passion.
And yes, if I could walk into my dining room and see an elaborate breakfast buffet laid out, maybe even I would make it a habit.
I’m sharing my newly discovered passion with my family.
My sister decides she’s had enough and heads for the gym.
My husband and daughter are stuck with me.
I’ve noticed that kids really love me – even the random kids who don’t know me. Maybe love is too strong a word but they are drawn to me.
I’ve helped 3 random kids in the last 20 minutes. 
1. A starving ambitious 4-year-old who is unsuccessfully trying to carry 5  chocolate croissants and 3 bananas to his table.
2.  An unsupervised kid whose unable to reach the banana muffins and holding up the queue.
3. And the third one I actually helped find her mom.
I was walking to the restaurant when this little girl ran up to me, held my hand
& started speaking French. I had no idea what she was saying so we walked
hand in hand to another couple who told me that she was looking for her mom.
We did not speak each other’s language but there was a bond.
She knew she could trust me and I knew I would not give up till we found her mum.
Thankfully, we found her mum a few minutes later.
With these achievements under my belt, I felt like I had found a new passion.
I announce that I am going to teach kids because I really like helping them.
By now my overly smart daughter quips in, saying I did not have the right qualifications to be a teacher.
I tell her that it’s time for her to start thinking outside the box.
“I am going to be a different kind of teacher – teach these kids what they are not taught at school.
I would teach them about life and how to live it.”
I even have a plan –
I have already decided there will 30 students in my class.
Monday –  in my school there will be no Monday blues
Because every Monday we would have a party.
Tuesday – Lesson 1
On Love and Kindness
Wednesday – This is the day we start getting serious.
I even have a plan.
They get to watch a movie that is beautiful but also about betrayal and murder.
Then we will have a discussion about what they learnt and the moral of the story.
My daughter looks amused and suddenly very interested in this one sided conversation and adds,
“Do you realise their parents could sue you for traumatising these kids by making them watch a movie about betrayal and murder?”
I’m a bit annoyed, both by the idea that she finds it funny that her mother could be punished for something that was well intentioned and also that maybe she does have a point.
I quickly cover my back saying – “I am taking about Lion King, silly!”
The first part is about sad things but then, it gets better. Just like life. There will be ups and downs and when things get scary, we all want to run away but facing our fears is the key to growing up and succeeding.”
She, for some reason, is sure that was not my original plan but I stand firm and insist I was talking about Lion King and not anything else.
Now she wants to know what I will be teaching them on Thursday and Friday.
I have no clue because I hadn’t thought so far, so I declare they are holidays for now.
What I learnt from this and how it may help you too:
1. Sometimes talking about your plans helps – it gave me clarity & a bigger vision (not only did I realise I needed to tweak this but also that I was thinking too small – why only 30 kids when the world was my oyster? A book would help me achieve that goal).
2. And yes, do take on board good advice even if it’s from the ones who are  laughing at you. They may just have a point, just like my daughter did!

3. When you think/ dream differently from others, you will be judged and laughed at but don’t give up on your dream.

Be patient and just keep working on it till you get it right & you will!
Thanks for reading, , and more importantly, if you’re struggling with your dream, lacking in clarity or even scared to dream, I would love to help you.
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