9 out of 10 people wake up and there is no excitement or joy.
They don’t have a spring in their step.
They don’t dream.
They play it small and exist instead of living.
I want to give you one tip that may help you live a happier and fun life.
What if you lived by this motto?
Today could be my last day on earth.
What would you do differently?
Would you laugh till your stomach hurt?
Would you forgive those who have hurt you?
Would you call someone just to let them know they mean the world to you?
Would you appreciate everything about this mystery called LIFE?
I believe we are all here for a short while and some of us live better than others.
My dream is that you wake up with a smile everyday and go to bed, knowing if today was my last day, I’ve loved and lived fully.
Stay happy and live with passion always. And as always, thank you for your time.