This one is for you –

I struggled writing to you, I wondered what should I say?

How can I make sure you find value in this.

So I would write and then rewrite and then delete it to start all over again

Finally I decided to just write and trusted that whatever I needed to tell you I would.

This year has been a very tough one for me personally and yet amidst all the sadness and turmoil. I could sense the presence of GOD always by my side.

Professionally, I felt lucky I was doing work I love and helping people but I struggled with some areas that kept me from taking action  (all of which i now realise were just excuses )

–  What should I call myself ?

This question gave me sleepless nights – I was obsessed

Should I call myself a miracle worker / healer / intuitive / spiritual teacher / intuitive MBA

Finally I posed the question to heaven

I was told my focus was on the wrong thing,

The title did not matter – what TRULY mattered was the actual mission that I was assigned.

I got that message in a big way –

I realized that all the pain I was given this year was to show me how short and unpredictable life is, that my regrets were my own doing.

I made a decision to not waste my time waiting for the perfect title / moment/ idea/time.

My job was to turn up and do the work with love, kindness and passion as the clock was ticking.

I even wrote a mission statement and a part of me said maybe I should wait till I launch my website but I am done waiting, so I had to share it with you.


I have a dream that our planet becomes a kinder, happier and loving place

A world where people believe in themselves, each other & GOD

A planet that HEAVEN would be proud of

The mission I signed up for:

I believe is to help people see themselves as GOD sees them

I believe is to teach people to think and dream bigger so they can SOAR

I believe is to inspire people become the best version of themselves

Why did I share this with you – 2 reasons

  1.  Because you are important to me and if we are on the same team its crucial you know what I believe in and what my vision is for the future.
  2. I also wanted you to start thinking about what you want to stand for and what your vision is for the world.

If you are sitting around waiting for the perfect time, then stop wasting time and do whatever it is that you are guided to do.

Stay blessed & live with passion